The beginnings of the library

After retiring from the field of education, Dr. Walter L. Smith came back home to find that something was missing in his neighborhood. Kids were wandering around the area with nothing to do and no place to go after school while their parents were at work. So in the year 2002, Dr. Smith created a library with books that he collected during his career, statues, awards, portraits, and other items that were either donated or purchased from his own pocket.
Over the years that it has been opened, the main branch of the library has served as an after-school facility, in addition to hosting meetings for various organizations in the Tampa Bay area. It has also attracted some notable figures, including former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio and Judge Greg Mathis.

iorio2 mathis

Expansion/extension of the library


The efforts of Dr. Walter L. Smith opening this library for the community has touched so many people in various ways, but not with the same effect that it had on his mother, Eva Reynolds. As seen here in this website, Dr. Smith dedicated the library to his parents and two brothers who were World War Veterans, and Mrs. Reynolds was so proud of what Dr. Smith had done, her last wish to him was to convert her house to an extension of the library. Dr. Smith granted that wish by making it a science and technology center. This unit of the library provides educational books plus computers for people to do research and reports for school and work.
With the library being open to the people of the Tampa Bay area, we invite all to enjoy what we have. We hope that your first visit won’t be the last, and that you invite your family and friends to see what you were able to see at the Dr. Walter L. Smith Library.

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